Exclusive Wooden Boat: PLM. Cahaya Lusia


PLM. Cahaya Lusia is a exclusive wooden boat, base in Labuan Bajo – Flores. Has built and designed by PT Ficko Cahaya Komodo. Beauty Cahaya Lusia complete with iron and teak wood construction. These exclusive wooden boat purpose-built to satisfy the traveler needs during sail around Komodo National Park areas. Open trip for join in tour or shares, tailored to wishes of passengers booking. The boat schedule will follow traveler who booking on their own date. Especially relevant run for one day komodo tour or two days one night or three days two night of komodo tour. Two days one night trip or three days two night trip is a liveaboard base of komodo tour package.

Cahaya Lusia Specification:

Most of all the boat space have a large down front and upper deck areas. Where  sofas, beanbags, large table, shaded protected from sun and rain by resistant sunbrella canopy and shades. And a private and sharing cabin which equipped a cooler air conditioner. The cabin were join to dining room, minibar and connect to the kitchen on the rear. Two bathroom with western style on the rear left and right.

While the upper deck combine for sunbathing and sleeping area in open-air space. Half of upper deck could totally enclosed, to provide maximum comfort even during the night and rainy days. Sleeping deck had equipped with comfortable cushions, bed and provide a great view while cruising around the park.

Therefore these boat has 30 m length, 5.5 m wide with a 6 cylinder, 155 hp of Mitsubishi, a onboard engine. And the captain cabin is complete of navigation equipment, radio, audio panel and energy brokers. Probably, during boating among the park, we please you to enjoy an mp3 audio system. Therefore, it is easy to plug your device or just insert your SD card or USB and play your songs.

Most noteworthy cruising is safety first. PLM. Cahaya Lusia is totally fit for night navigation, night diving and fishing. Safety equipment completely available on the boat.

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