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Daily trip to Komodo Island

The distance to see the dragons in the island of Komodo need about four hours boating from Labuan Bajo. Most of all, the tourist boat decide leaving early morning if they operate for one day komodo tour. The reason is to avoid a strong current during sail on low or high tide time. And will arrive early in Komodo Island of course. So that you can have a morning trekking because the komodo dragon have more active in the morning time.

Half of dragons population survived on the rugged savanna and forest of Komodo Island. It is most make traveler think much better to see the dragons at Komodo Island. But the distance cause its gets a short time to enjoy the others of beauty spot on the park areas. Although we have other options like two days one night trip,but we still offer for one day trip to Komodo. It is may can help some traveler who have a limit time of their travel.

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So below is our suggested itinerary of one day trip to Komodo Island.

  • Early morning (5:00AM) pick up at hotel then transfer to the boat at Labuan Bajo harbor. Sail to Komodo Island while enjoy sunrise, dolphin and the view of any small islands along the way. Breakfast will serve on the boat.
  • Arrive at Komodo Island and could you register at park office. Meeting with the park authority for some explanation of trek route and orderliness rules. The ranger will accompany you during trekking in savanna and forest. Finish trekking at Komodo and back to the boat.
  • After Komodo, boat move to pink beach spot while the chef prepared fresh meals for lunch on the boat. Arrive at Pink beach, enjoy swimming, snorkeling or hike to the top of hill or just beachcombing to explore around.
  • After pink beach boat sail to Manta Point. Arrive at Manta Point, should you follow our dive master instructions how to jump into the water when manta ray out. All of the crew will standby during your snorkeling.
  • Finish mantas back to the boat and continue sail to Kanawa Island. Afternoon arrive at Kanawa, you can enjoy some snorkeling. Afternoon snorkeling through the south of wooden dock and turn to east they are on the wall of reef coral.
  • Finish snorkeling return to the boat and have a coffee break and snack time. While the boat sail back to to the harbor in Labuan Bajo. Arrive in Labuan Bajo and transfer back to your hotel. End of Service.
    One Day Komodo Tour
    Pink Beach at Komodo Island

One day komodo tour included:

  • Snorkeling equipment and life jacket.
  • Lunch, drinking water including coffee and tea any time.
  • Refrigerator in mini bar to keep your own beer or any soft drink.

One day komodo tour excluded:

  • Park entrance fee, alcohol, beer or any soft drinks.

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